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Turn your spreadsheets into smart, interactive web apps using basic spreadsheet skills
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Create magic from any mundane spreadsheet


No data prep needed.  Simply upload your spreadsheet  and see it soar!


Data storytelling is everyone's job. From budget spreadsheets, marketing GANT charts, sales funnel data, or ExcelTM dashboards, GRID makes it fun!


"Whoah!" is the first word we hear people say when they meet GRID. We make data dance; play with your calculations in real-time.

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Free the spreadsheet

Your spreadsheet has been begging to break out of the boredom box. We're here to help.

Become the Data Hero

Your superpowers are locked inside those calculations and spreadsheet models. Unleash your inner data wizard!

Spreadsheet Calculations and Interactive Modeling

Bring your spreadsheet model to life, by publishing not just the stale values also the calculations and assumptions. Give your team the power to explore data scenarios. Live.

Publishing Controls

Control exactly what you want to publish to your team, and keep your intellectual property private, if desired.


GRID allows people to effectively communicate with data and numbers on the fly.

No more waiting for IT or BI experts - you can make magic happen with your basic skills and control what you share from your spreadsheet.


Using GRID is simple and instantly rewarding in the neat interface.

We pride ourselves to be a fair and transparent business to work with and gladly engage with our users.


GRID makes data and numbers come alive and unleashes your spreadsheet's superpowers! All you need is the latest version of your data set.

GRID looks just as stunning on mobile, a big screen or your laptop.

Spreadsheets run the world.
We run spreadsheets.